Tuesday, 12 October 2010

what does it mean to 'respond'?

This week we were asked to make a couple of responses for uni. It made me think what a 'response' is? It's something that I tend to struggle with. Do you simply interpret the information your given, or do you put something of your own opinion into your 'response'? Do you edit the information? Or is it simply going in and then coming out in a different form (like a meat mincer).

I looked up the dictionary definition;

1. To make a reply, answer.
2. To act in return or in answer.
3. To react positively or favourably.

In graphic design terms, or simply just design, I think these should be more;

1. To visually make a reply.
2. To visual act in answer.

The third isn't. As a designer you defiantly shouldn't like everything. Even the opposite, it's important not to like everything, and to react to that.

I think this is something I need to explore more. Watch this space. For now here is my response to the film 'Hell is a city'. Which was a British Noir film, made in 1959.

After this evening, this is going to change, but I'm not too sure how much.

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